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A Joanie's eye view of the world! 

Oh dear she's at it again!...

Welcome to my blog site, where you can find out a little more about what I do, and how I view the world.  A little self indulgent, I'll grant you, but I had a lot of positive feedback about the reviews and warts n all section on the previous version of this site, so I thought I'd create a seperate space where you can see it all....not to be taken too seriously or personally, I may add...  xxx J

 This website contains...

  • My most recent blog and review
  • Past blogs
  • Past gig reviews - my experiences as I go about my job as a professional vocalist
  • My gripes page - Where I can let off steam about many of the challenges of the job - and I do!
  • Links to my social media pages - Facebook, Twitter etc
  • A player so you can hear some of the songs I cover, as well as some of my original work
  • A gallery page featuring a downloadable poster
  • My gig diary

If you'd like to visit my professional website, you can find it at