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So... what's up?

Below you'll find my latest blogs/gig reviews... older ones will be in my Past Gigs section or my Joanie's View section...


Saturday 11th October 2014 - Mauchline & Kilmarnock Supporters Club

Joanie Sings...Adele/Divas & 80s!

I felt priviledged to be asked to come along to this club, as I did it years and years ago, too many for me to remember the date!  I was equally happy to come and perform my Adele/Divas show alongside my 80s Tribute.There were around 130 people there on the night, and it was a ticket do, so they had all paid to come and see me! Not at all nerve wracking

Alan and I take great pride in putting on a great show, right from the stage dressing to the costumes I wear.  Our Adele light array always attracts attention - molty from those who haven't seen Adele at the Royal Albert Hall.  She has hundreds of lights, we have 12, but you get the idea.

We had a few sound problems during the night - we think because of the beam directly in front of us at the edge of the dancefloor, but the night went well.  It's such a contrast between me singing Adele and singing my 80s tribute that one lady wondered why "that other lasie is going on the stage".  Nope, it was me.  Black dress off, tartan one on with leggings and bare feet, complete with hair bow and loud make up. A great night, and I hope to be back!